Highlights of Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts in This Episode

1. Do not have clutter inside and outside of the main door as it will affect your wealth.

2. If you have a water tap, make sure it is facing inside the house, instead of pointing outside, as it symbolize wealth is leaking out.

3. Do not have shoe rack facing the main door either from outside or inside of the house, especially for rack that is opened.

4. 三门通 – 3 or more doors forming in a straight line is not recommended because this configuration will easily cause loss of wealth. How to solve? – Just add a curtain in the centre door to cure it.

5. Refrigerator represent your wealth treasury so it should be hidden away in an isolated area, instead exposing to the public by placing it near the front door. It will cause loss of wealth.

6. Keep your cleaning equipments like broom, cleaning detergent and others into store-room. Always keep your house free of clutter.

7. Your backyard or service yard represent your next generation luck, so you must keep it clean, airy and bright.

8. Taboos for wealth location

Wealth Position Taboos

a. Emptiness – Do not have air con, walkway, door and windows

b. Pressure from beams

c. Wall knifes like open shelfs

d. Darkness – Dark place usually create moisture and it symbolize your wealth to turn moldy in this type of place.

e. Do not place rotten wood or rubbish bin

f. Do not place any thing that represent the element of fire for example, microwave, heater because it symbolize burning your money in the wealth location. In western countries, you should refrain from putting fireplace in wealth location.

9. If you have placed a god of fortune, do ensure that it has a solid backing support. Avoid placing it back facing the windows.

10. It is not recommended to position the altar that back facing a wall that has a room as it means disrespect to the god.

Head behind the wall that partition your room and altar

11. You should refrain noisy atmosphere near your wealth god position, for example baby crying, quarreling, hi-fi sound blasting and etc. Just imagine if you are the god and it is so noisy, will you stay in this house?

12. It should have a wide and bright area in front of the god altar.

13. Avoid pushing one side of the bed to lean against the wall, because in Feng Shui, we must have balance and if you have one side against the wall, it symbolize your career facing obstacles. (Left side – Male, right – Female)

14. Doors must not have cracks as it will affect your reputation

15. If you have a spoilt lock, it indicate that you might encounter theft or burglary.

16. If you have loosen hinge, it symbolize relationship problem in family.

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