Highlights of Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts in This Episode

1. There should not have any pillar on the right hand side of the main door as it will affect the female owner and cause woman illness. How to cure: Extend a plank to join the pillar to make it merge together, this will have the pillar knives covered.

2. It is not good to face a staircase as the first thing when you enter the main door of a house as it symbolize loss of wealth and prone to accident.

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Cure: Either place a screen divider, build a cupboard in between or place a 五帝錢 above the main door.


3. As usual, you must have support backing behind your sofa to have a strong sense of security. Do not have your sofa back facing windows or pathway because it will easily attract evil people.

4. Similar to sofa position, the back of the study table should not be facing the door or windows.

5. It is not recommended to get bed that has 2 levels, because for the one who is sleeping behind, you will have a beam above pressurizing down, and for the one sleeping on top, you are sleeping on an empty space that has no strong foundation.

6. Master bedroom should not only have more than 1 bed because if you have more than 1, it symbolize third party interference to your marriage.

7. Do not hang any human painting, including your wedding photo at the wall back of your bed or even in the room because it also symbolize third party involvement due to the reflection of the photo.

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Cure: Just place hang your wedding photo along the walkway


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