Highlights of Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts in This Episode

1. Do not have a toilet positioned on the Dragon side of your main door. If you have this kind of situation, it will drastically affect the luck of the male occupants. Dragon side must be clean, bright and spacious for good fortune and luck. The cure is to add curtain to cover the door.

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When you are in the room and facing the main door – Left hand side stand for Dragon and Right hand side stands for Tiger


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2. 川堂煞 – It is situation that generate negative energy. It is when you enter the house and you are able to see all the room doors in a glance at the entrance. This type of house shape is hard to preserve wealth but easy to lost money.


3. Sofa must be backed by a solid wall for support and should not be empty or a pillar (symbolize wall knives cutting) – see timing 9:46 for illustration. If your back of the sofa is facing a window, it can easily attract evil people to harm you.

4. Feng Shui Dos’ and Don’ts of Study room

a. Your sitting position must have a wall or something solid as a backing because it stands for support for business and career.

b. Your view from the study room to outside is wide and spacious as it symbolize limitless opportunity.

c. Study room should be in square shape with 4 corner intact.

5. If you have a room that has 3 sides that have windows, it is best not to be a bedroom for any of the occupants because there is no way to place the bed. This type of situation will attract loss of wealth and fake relationship.

6. To enhance a baby luck and health, it is good to put a “Hundred children” painting to increase the “Yang” energy as it symbolize that he has accompany and will not be lonely. Painting with 5 colors fruits has the effect of improving the baby luck and smoothen his emotion. It is definitely a NO NO to put skeleton, sword or anything that symbolize evil in an infant room. Rule of thumb: infant room must be filled with bright colour to attract positive energy and should not be in dull color. It is also good to place smoothening music to enhance the sleeping quality of the baby.

7. The position of the bed is good if there is no windows or door in front, no beam on top and you can get off the bed from 2 sides.

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8. If you have ancestor plaque at home, you must place it in an appropriate location as this affect the elder health and luck. If you have a buddha sculpture beside your ancestor plaque, firstly the buddha must be bigger because buddha stands for Yang while ancestor stands for Ying. The ancestor plaque position should also have a red cloth at the back and there should also have incense for praying purpose.

9. If you have a mirror, windows or walkway behind your bed, it will cause insecurity and cause poor sleeping quality.