Highlights of Feng Shui Tips and Tricks in This Episode

1. Take note of the main door Feng Shui as it determine the overall luck for the people staying inside.

2. If you have a loose door knob, you should change it because it will cause family relationship problem.

3. If your door has cracks or paint drop off, it will easily attract accident and injuries in the family.

4. Which door facing is a plus point for which Zodiac?

– South facing (element of fire): suitable for zodiac of horse, snake, ox, dragon, goat and dog

– North facing (element of water): suitable for zodiac of pig, rat, tiger and rabbit.

– West facing (element of metal): suitable for zodiac of monkey, rooster, pig and rat

– East facing (element of wood): suitable for zodiac of tiger, rat, snake and horse.

Auspicious location1

Auspicious location

5. How to position your Feng Shui artifacts in the correct position to attract wealth?

– Mi Le Buddha: To be placed in the location 45 degrees (wealth place) from the main door and it help to preserve and increase wealth.

– Pi Xiu: To be in a position that is facing the main door. It symbolize going out to get money.

6. If your sofa has windows behind, it will give a feeling of insecurity and family members tend to go out more often than staying at home.

7. For singles, if you have a sofa with a wall support backing, it will help in increase the fate to meet your second half.

8. It is not recommended to see your dining area first upon entering the house. It attract friends and relative to borrow money from you and will not return.

9. If you have 2 stoves in one house, it will easily attract third party interference in your relationship.

10. When come to the selection of stove, you must be careful too. Do not choose one stove with 2 furnace – it can cause relationship problem with daughter-in-law or daughter. But if you have induction stove, it is better because the primary focus is on the fire. Resolution: Remove one of the stove

11. If a parent door is facing directly to your children, the parent door must be bigger than the children as it symbolize control over the children.

12. If you have a room door facing a staircase that is going upwards, it symbolize moving up to a better career and increase in wealth. But if you have one that is facing downwards, it symbolize the down movement of your wealth and luck and also gloomy future. How to cure? To place a divider between the door and the stairs. If the distance between the door and stairs is too close and not possible to place a divider, you can place inside the room instead.

13. It will not be advisable to have a room with more than 1 exits and entrances (it means 2 inter connecting rooms) and shared toilet. It can cause the people living in the room to move out of the house. In Feng Shui, it is known as <<迴風煞>>. How to cure: To seal off one side of the toilet to have 2 independent space.

14. Do not have your bed back facing the door as it will give you a feeling on insecurity and cause poor sleep quality. Do not have your bed or leg facing the windows, door or living room as it attract bad romance.

What happen if you have a bedroom with 3 windows?

– To minimize the  bad effect, it will be good to pull down your curtain so that you will not be exposed to the open.

Do stay tuned for the next episode highlights

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