Highlights of Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts in This Episode

1. If the back of your sofa is facing the windows, it give you a sense of insecurity and it will also cause your wealth to disperse and cannot be accumulate. [hb_info_box type=”success”] Solution: To install 百叶窗 to cover the windows, this will help to remedy the above situation. Windows [/hb_info_box]

2. What type of items can be used to accumulate positive energy? – Water feature, fish tank, water tank, but bear in mind that to clean the water to prevent it from smelly also the water must be active instead of still.

3. Beside using water feature, you can also consider using plants to create a wooden wall to accumulate wealth. (This is especially applicable for people who don’t like to have water feature in their home)

4. Some people might not like the idea of having water feature or plants (they are afraid of insects and flies), there is another solution which is to get 石山 that include 盐山, crystal mountain.

feng shui mountain

5. If you have wind chime in the house, make sure that it is positioned in the “Dragon” side of the house. In additional, ensure that there is wind so that there will be movement that symbolize auspicious blessing. The suitable location will be at the main door or balcony area.

6. If you are placing sword Feng Shui ornament, you should put it outside of your house, instead of inside. The best location is to hang it on top of your main door.

7. Feng Shui tips on placing your own photographs, for example, wedding shot, graduation photo or others.

a. It should be always be on the “Dragon side” of the house

b. It is always recommended to place the photo in walkway, study room or living room.

c. It is good to position your photo at a higher level, for example, if you lived in a 2 level house with a basement, you must not placed it in the basement.

8. Kitchen represent the luck and standing of the lady house owner, so you must take extra care of the Kitchen feng shui taboos

9. Do not have your stove facing a door – it will attract evil people that back stab you.

[hb_info_box type=”success”] Solution: To place a curtain to cover the door. [/hb_info_box]

10. The service yard or back yard represent your next generation, so it must be clean and tidy at all times.

11. To enhance the love relationship, you can place pink crystal on the “Tiger” side (right hand side) of your bed.

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