Main Door Facing Staircase Going Downwards Situation 1: Main Door Facing Downwards Staircase

Effects: Energy or qi cannot be gathered so it cause problem wealth accumulation and decrease in luck.

Cure and remedy – To place Chinese 5 coin tassels under a door mat in front of your door.

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Main Door Facing Staircase Going Upwards Situation 2: Main Door Facing Upwards Staircase

Effects: There will be obstacles and stoppage in your life and everything does not go smoothly as planned

Main Door Facing Pointed Wall Corner Situation 3: Main Door Facing Pointed Wall Corner

Effects: It will be a bumpy journey in life and meeting obstacles in anything you do.

Main Door Facing Lift Door Situation 4: Main Door Facing Lift Door

Effects: If you meet this kind of situation, there tends to be more illness and accident in the family.

Main Door Facing Long Corridor Situation 5: Main Door Facing Long Corridor

Effects: If you have a long corridor facing directly your main door, your wealth will deteriorate and also affect your offspring

Main Door Facing Negative Energy Situation 6: Main Door Facing 天斩煞

Effects: If your main door is facing 天斩煞, it can cause serious problem leading to death.

Cure and remedy: To place a 山海鎮 on top of the main door facing out to disperse the negative energy caused by the 天斩煞

Main Door Facing Lamppost Situation 7: Main Door Facing Lamp post, electric tower 

Effects: The energy in this type of situation disperse easily which will cause wealth hard to accumulate and deteriorate of luck.

Main Door Facing Toilet Situation 8: Main Door Facing Toilet, Rubbish chute or Hospital

Effects: Negative energy will accumulate in this kind of environment and in term affect the luck of the people living in the house

Main Door Facing Beam Situation 9: Main Door with overhead beams 

Effects: It will cause disharmony and disagreement among the family members

Spolit Main Door Situation 10: Old Main Door that has damage and cracks

Effects: This type of situation will cause your luck to be stagnant and also might affect your reputation.

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