Feng Shui Tips for Sofa With No Backing

Effect and Remedy of Sofa with No Backing

It is very common nowadays for placing their main sofa in living room with no backing.
This will result with unstable energy flowing.

What does “Sofa with No Backing” Means in Feng Shui

  • cause the family’s luck to be ups and downs
  • not able to have benefactor/noble man, especially in career
  • to have villans/backstabbers in life
  • not able to accumulate wealth

Sofa with no backing will allow people to be walking around at your back. This will discourage you and your family members not to be able to sitat the sofa comfortably. Eventually, this will strain on the family relationship.

Scientifically, with a strong backing at the sofa, one will also have a wide vision surround the person, this will also allow one’s develop deeper sense of security.

With no backing at the sofa, this will also cause unstable energy at one’s back and thus will distract one’s mood and affecting the person’s decision and action. This may cause one to be more vulnerable to have more villans/backstabbers in life
especially in career.

Due to space constraint, some will use transparent glass wall or half concrete wall to have spacious effect. This is also one of a typical example of sofa with no backing. Click here to visualise a real life example.


How to Remedy the Situation for Sofa with No Backing

1. Place a wall/divider as a backing

It is recommend to place a wall or divider behind the sofa as a backing.

B. Rearrange sofa to a solid wall

It is most recommended to rearrange your setting as to allow your sofa to have a strong backing on a solid wall.


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