Month: July 2014

Chinese Hungry Ghost Month Taboos

The 7th month festival or also known as the Chinese Hungry Ghost festival is just around the corner in a few hours. For this year 2014, it begins  on 27th July 2014 and end on 24th August 2014. It is believed that in this month, the gate of hell is opened so that the spirit and soul of the underworld can roam around on our world, so here is a list of taboos for you to avoid doing for this lunar 7th  month. 1. It will bring you bad luck if you kick or disturb the offering (joss stick,...

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Unveil The Feng Shui Parenting Secret For Your Child

Advertisement Is your children always misbehave, doing bad at studies or not respectful? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you adverse this situation by applying some some Feng Shui tips to your children bedroom and study room? Try these simple tips and observe the changes. 8 Feng Shui Parenting Tips For Children 1. Space does matter Avoid cramped and narrow rooms. A child room should be as spacious as possible so that they can grow their potentials to the fullest. 2. Keep the room Bright and Clean In order to attract good positive energy to a child room, it should be...

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Zodiac 2018 Ranking

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