Month: March 2015

MUST SEE Exterior Feng Shui To Take Note when Choosing House (With Illustrations)

During house hunting for your new nest, it is not only important to choose a good Feng Shui house by looking at the interior, for example, bedroom, kitchen and others, it is also as significant to select a house with good exterior landform Feng Shui. I can even say it is more important because you can change the interior of your house but not for the exterior, for example, if you live near a temple, you can’t be possibly remove it, so in today article, I will share with you on some of the exterior Feng Shui you should take...

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10 MUST SEE Main Door Feng Shui To be Avoided

Situation 1: Main Door Facing Downwards Staircase Effects: Energy or qi cannot be gathered so it cause problem wealth accumulation and decrease in luck. Cure and remedy – To place Chinese 5 coin tassels under a door mat in front of your door. Taiwan Feng Shui Master explained: Situation 2: Main Door Facing Upwards Staircase Effects: There will be obstacles and stoppage in your life and everything does not go smoothly as planned Situation 3: Main Door Facing Pointed Wall Corner Effects: It will be a bumpy journey in life and meeting obstacles in anything you do. Situation 4: Main...

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Zodiac 2018 Ranking

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