Month: May 2015

7 Things About Home Feng Shui Married Couple Must Know

In life, disagreement or argument tends to happen between husband and wife because of some trivial matters. But do you know that Feng Shui can also affect the relationship between husband and wife? Let’s take a look of the impact of home feng shui taboos which cause conjugal relations problem. Believe it or not, you can take a look at the home Feng Shui of someone who is divorced or having marriage problem and see if they match most of the taboo below. 1. Husband and wife is recommended to share the same blanket and should not have separate...

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Learn Tips to Feng Shui Your Office Workspace

In our life, we are spending 8 hours (maybe more OT for some of us) which is already 1/3 of our daily life so will it be useful to apply some Feng Shui tips to the office? If you are working in a properly feng shui-ed office, it make a huge difference and you will enjoy coming to work, instead of dragging your foot along every day. Most importantly, good office Feng Shui in your personal work space help you to get recognition and increase your promotion opportunity, whilst the bad one will bring you backstabbing, gossip, politics and...

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