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MUST SEE Year 2018 Chinese Zodiac Forecast (With English Subtitles)

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Year 2018 Chinese Zodiac Forecast by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong Here is the compilation for next year, year of 2018 Chinese zodiac forecast by the famous Feng Shui Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong. Take a peek at what lies for you in the upcoming year. CHINESE ZODIAC FORECAST FOR RAT CHINESE ZODIAC FORECAST FOR OX CHINESE ZODIAC FORECAST FOR TIGER CHINESE ZODIAC FORECAST FOR RABBIT CHINESE ZODIAC FORECAST FOR DRAGON CHINESE ZODIAC FORECAST FOR SNAKE CHINESE ZODIAC FORECAST FOR HORSE CHINESE ZODIAC FORECAST FOR GOAT CHINESE ZODIAC FORECAST FOR MONKEY CHINESE ZODIAC FORECAST FOR...

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Auspicious Lucky Feng Shui Colour to Wear for 2018

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement The new year is just around the corner, beside the annual Chinese Zodiac forecast, are you also wondering what are the lucky color to wear in this upcoming year 2018? 2018 is the dog year with the element of Earth, meaning that we should wear our clothes, accessories and anything that are on our bodies that compliment or enhance this element. What exactly are them? First choice of color – Earth color as it is aligned and in harmony with the current year element. Brown Sandy Beige Yellow The second selection of auspicious colors for...

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Must Learn Air Con Feng Shui Tips

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Facebook Google+ Pinterest In this modern day, 2 out of 3 household will have air conditioning system installed, especially for those living in the city area, so we must also take care of the air con position to be installed. You must be wondering and arguing that air con is not available in the olden day so why there is Feng Shui involvement, right? Yes, you are partially right and most of the tips that are covered in this article are mostly practical usage with a little Feng Shui applied.  Here are the do’s and...

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Balcony Feng Shui Tips For Good Fortune and Attract Wealth

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Facebook Google+ Pinterest Balconies are nice and it will be even more awesome if it has a beautiful view, but it is also equally important to consider Feng Shui factors in choosing a house with a good balcony. Here are some guidelines to follow: 1. Avoid main door directly facing your balcony If you have such layout, it means that you will have difficulty accumulating wealth and what you earn will be gone in the end of the month. 2. Poison arrow pointing towards your balcony Try to observe the external view, standing from your...

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Chinese Zodiac Forecast For Year of Earth Dog 2018

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Here are some facts about year 2018 new year. When is the Lunar New year? – Year 2018 Chinese New Year fall a bit late next year on February 16, 2018. The zodiac sign of 2018 is the Dog and the element is Earth. When is Li Chun (立春) – The first day of the solar calendar? – 4 February 2018, meaning that the zodiac forecast 2018 start this day. Which Zodiac clashes with Tai Sui in 2018? – Dog, Dragon, Goat, Rooster and Ox What are the auspicious dates for wedding? – You can refer...

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Zodiac 2018 Ranking

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