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Feng Shui Tips To Build a Good Relationship with In-Laws

Advertisement Are you worried about bad Feng Shui in your house (for example, sleeping with leg facing the windows, room within a room and some more) that might trigger the effect of extra-marital affair and 3rd person intervening into your marriage?  After applying all the remedies, you thought you are safe but there is another woman that is even a more formidable character that you can imagine. Yes, We are talking about the mother-in-law! Over the years, it has been shown that there is an “exclusive” tension between wives and mother-in-law and it is especially true if they are...

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8 Feng Shui Tips To Avoid Losing Wealth Luck

Facebook 51 Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Facebook Google+ Pinterest It might seems odd to you that your wealth luck is co-related to relocating or placement of items in your house or office but even if you don’t believe, it does exist. Feng Shui is all about energy and so does money. We will need to create a positive flow and vibe to attract more wealth and avoid losing them. If you are one that always always find problem accumulating wealth, you should take a look at your home Feng Shui again. Here are 8 important areas you should look into:...

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Must Know Fruits Offering Symbolic Meaning List

Advertisement Do you know that there is a symbolic meaning to your fruit offering during praying? You might get into trouble if you offer the wrong fruits to the wrong party. Find out more now FruitsSymbolic Meaning Apple 苹果It symbolize peace and harmony because it sound like 平安 in chinese. It is also considered because of its red color that has the meaning of auspicious. Mandarin OrangeIt is considered a prayer or wish for good fortune, making it the most common food offering. BananaIn Cantonese, it has the same sound of "招" which means attract. So it is to...

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Feng Shui Your Home with the Power of Plants

Advertisement It is always good to have plants in your home, either indoors or outdoors and they can be utilised as an necessary Feng Shui tool that act as energy filters that nudge negative energy, attract the positive one and circulate the energy in the space. Every type of plants has their own uses so you must know your objective first before placing them in any areas of your home. It is always best to use real plants, instead of artificial ones because they attract fake relationship into your life. Why use plants to Feng Shui your home? To...

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Knowing The Significance of The Feng Shui Fortune Cat

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Facebook Google+ Pinterest Fortune cat has always been commonly known and used as the Feng Shui auspicious ornament. In the world of geomancy, there are meanings behind the colour of the cat and also the left/right raised paws and here in this articles, we will decipher the secrets behind it. Decoding Left or Right Paw? Left Paw – If you have a fortune cat with Left paw raised, it is a male cat. It symbolize to attract wealth, success in career and great fortune in business. It is suitable to be placed in the office....

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