red Crystal Ball

Red Crystal Ball

Product description:
Name: Crystal Ball
Material: Crystal
Dimensions: total height of about 13cm diameter of about 7.7cm ball (Hand-carved, specifications for reference only, to prevail in kind)
Weight: about 0.74KG (with stand)
Packaging: Special packaging mascot


Product Description

In Feng Shui, Feng Shui Crystal Stone have said, because the natural world aura crystal cohesion billion years, the earth’s crust in the precipitation of various natural elements (minerals), and then after countless thousands of years the refining form a wide variety of crystal, each crystal represents a different energy frequency, and produce different magnetic fields and functions.

Each colour have its own effect and designated place to be located to better enhance the Feng Shui.

Refer to the chart for more information.

WhiteMetalLiving RoomIncrease wealth luck of the male house owner
GreenWoodStudy RoomIncrease study luck for your children
Red/PinkFireKitchenFor good health for the family
Blue/Purple/BlackWaterBedroomTo improve marriage relationship

It is also mentioned in one of the most popular Feng Shui variety show – 风水有关系 in Taiwan.


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