Lunar New Year is just one month away and hope you have already see our article on Must See CNY Guide for Year 2016. I will also like to reiterate that the start of the new year is based on the Li Chun (立春) day that fall on 04th February 2016, Thursday this year. There is a Chinese culture/belief or even a myth that if you deposit your money to the bank on this day, you will attract lots of wealth and HUAT (meaning prosper) all year long.

Here is Best timing for depositing money into your bank and it varies for each Chinese Zodiac.

To increase your prosperity and good luck, you should also wear your Zodiac auspicious color outfit to bank in.

Source: 65daigou blog

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After knowing your timing, are you ready to join in the queue to do the banking?

One of our subscribers asked, “Can I skip the queue and do internet bank transfer instead?”

Our Reply: “In order to do bank transfer, you will need to withdraw from one bank then deposit to another one, so it is not considered as the correct procedure since there is a withdrawal involved” (Unless you transfer from someone else bank account)