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7 Must Know House Feng Shui Tips To Attract Good Luck

Advertisement In the eye of Feng Shui, it suggests that if you want to attract good luck and fortune to your home, there are some simple tips to follow and there is no need to make extreme ridiculous purchases or renovations to do so. Here are 7 Must Know...

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MUST SEE Year 2018 Chinese Zodiac Forecast by Hui Master

Advertisement Year 2018 Chinese Zodiac Forecast by Hui Master Catch Master Hui Jie's Zodiac Predictions for the Year of the Dog / 2018 Rat Zodiac: 0:09 - 2:10 Ox Zodiac: 2:17 - 4:36 Tiger Zodiac: 4:45 - 6:42 Rabbit Zodiac: 6:49 - 8:45 Dragon Zodiac: 8:53 -...

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Lucky Colors for 2018 Based on Your Chinese Zodiac

Advertisement Year of the Dog 2018 belong to the Earth element so it is more favorable for those born in Earth, Fire and Metal years, as compared to those born in Water and Wood years.  In general, year 2018 lucky colors are earthy tones, brown, yellow,...

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4 Zodiacs You Should Avoid Gambling with in Year 2018

Advertisement Gambling, either playing cards or mahjong is a common scene or favourite habit during Chinese New Year and most of us will treat it as a time passing activity during house visit. What is the objective of gambling? Of course it is to win money,...

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15 MUST READ Taboos for First Day of Lunar New Year

Advertisement In out Chinese tradition and culture, there are a lot of do's and don'ts during the period of Lunar New Year. You might have heard it from your parents or the elders before but have forgetten and here you are - 15 Taboos for Lunar New Year...

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