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Do You Know Which Chinese Zodiac You Belong To?

Advertisement This might seem to be a simple question to most of us since we can just match our year of birth to determine our Chinese Zodiac, BUT things get complicated if you are born in the born of January or February because the date of li chun (立春) is different....

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Is Keeping Pets Good Feng Shui?

Advertisement Are you a pet owner of a dog, a cat, a turtle, some fish or others? Good news for you because pets bring good Feng Shui into your home because they are always constantly circulating good Chi energy with their movement, but there...

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Moving Home in a Feng Shui Way

11 Do’s and Don’ts Feng Shui way of Moving Home You might be excited when moving into a new house, but you must always ensure to do it in a Feng Shui way. Want to clear the space and the possibly negative chi of the previous owner? Even if the home is brand new, there...

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Auspicious Lucky Feng Shui Colour to Wear for 2018

Advertisement   The new year is just around the corner, beside the annual Chinese Zodiac forecast, are you also wondering what are the lucky color to wear in this upcoming year 2018? 2018 is the dog year with the element of Earth, meaning that we should wear our...

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7 Things About Home Feng Shui Married Couple Must Know

7 Things About Home Feng Shui Married Couple Must Know In life, disagreement or argument tends to happen between husband and wife because of some trivial matters. But do you know that Feng Shui can also affect the relationship between husband and wife? Let's take a...

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