10 Must See Kitchen Feng Shui Taboos

Kitchen Feng Shui is considered one of the most important area that you must not ignore because it not only represent the health of the female house owner but also is the wealth treasury. Here are 10 kitchen Feng Shui taboos to take note during renovation.

1. Kitchen door facing the main door

If you have this type of layout, it will affect the health of the female owner that is living inside and it is also hard to accumulate wealth. If possible, it will be good to relocate the kitchen door to avoid facing the main door

2. Kitchen door facing bedroom

In this layout, the person who stay in the bedroom facing the kitchen door will tend to very hot tempered and will have heart problem.

3. Kitchen door facing Toilet door

Kitchen belongs to the fire element while toilet belongs to the water element so if they are facing each other, it will clash and cause conflict between the couple or disharmony in the family. Kitchen is the place to make food for the family , while toilet is the most filthy place so it might also affect the health of the family when the negative energy flow to the kitchen.

4. Sharing the Same door to enter Kitchen

In order to save space, some families actually position the toilet to share the same door as the kitchen (it means that you need to pass by the toilet first before you can enter into the kitchen) This is considered very unlucky and you will also lost your appetite.

5. Kitchen flooring is elevated above other areas

The ground of the kitchen must not be higher than the living room or other rooms because firstly, it will prevent sewage back flow and secondly when we served the food from the kitchen, it should be 步步高升 (meaning improving and prospering) and not declining wealth luck.

6. Using balcony as Kitchen

Balcony is a structure that is extended from the main building so it does not have gather 地气 (earth energy). If you utilise balcony to be used as kitchen, it will affect your next generation luck.

7. Stove facing directly at Fridge or washing basin

In designing the interior of the kitchen, remember NOT to place the stove next or facing the fridge because there is an element conflict between the stove (fire) and fridge(water) and will cause health issue.

8. Overhead beam above the stove

The stove should not be directly under an exposed overhead beam because it will give you a stressful feeling so the food you cooked will be filled with negative energy which is harmful for health too.

9. Do not place stove near windows

It is recommended to avoid position the stove directly under a window because energy cannot be contained, therefore chi and good fortune can escape quickly from the kitchen. Overly large windows is unfavourable in Feng Shui because it cause energy leakage.

10. Stove without back support

Based on the principle of Feng Shui, every area in the home must have a solid wall as a backing support, especially in kitchen that symbolize your wealth, family health and fame luck. A typical of such layout is an open concept kitchen.

Embrace on the correct Feng Shui tips and create positive energy in your kitchen because food is the essential and significant human life force, and the method that we prepare our food has a very real impact on our well-being and fortune too.




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