10 Old Wives Tales To Predict Your Unborn Baby Gender During Pregnancy

Whenever there is a pregnant woman in the family, the old folks will tell you all sort of old wives tales that can predict your baby’s gender.

Even if you choose not to find out the gender of your baby before your little one arrives, it can be quite fun to guess, right?

Here are a list of old wives’ tales said to predict your baby’s gender. Before you read on, bear in mind that these are just for fun and there’s no medical backing behind it.

1. Belly’s shape – It is widely believed that if you have a pointed shape of belly, it indicate a baby boy. If it is round shape, you may get a baby girl.

2.Based on the Chinese gender chart – You can see the expected gender by using the pregnant mother age and the conception month Try this chart out and don’t worry, it will be at least 50% accurate.


3. Diet Craving – The old folks believe that if a pregnant woman love to eat acidic foods during the pregnancy, she will give birth to a boy, while if she prefer to eat peppery or spicy foods, it signifies a girl. 

4.Having Morning Sickness? – If the pregnant mother  is suffering less from morning sickness during her pregnancy, the chance of a baby boy is high. In contrast, if she suffers a lot from it, it signify a girl.

5. The magical ring – Have you heard about this old wives’ tale that you can use a ring and a strand of you hair attached to the ring. Lie down and dangle the ring over your belly. If the ring starts to move in circular way, it’s a boy and it swing like a pendulum, then it’s a girl.

6. Breast Development – It is common for your breasts to get bigger during pregnancy and if you discover that your right breast is bigger than the left, it indicate a baby boy, vice versa, if your left breast is bigger, the chance of a girl is higher.

7. Are you having headaches? If yes, prediction outcome is baby boy.

8. Test Your Urine – If the outcome of the test shows to be alkaline for a pregnant woman, she may get a bo while if it shows to be acidic, it signify a girl.

9. Type of skin – you may have a girl if your skin is oily, while dry skin indicate dry skin.

10. High or Low? – If your bump is lower, you’re carrying a girl, while if your bump is high, it signify a baby boy.

What are the most common wives’ tales you’ve heard about pregnancy? Please share with us by dropping us a message via our contact form.

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Traditions & Culture10 Old Wives Tales To Predict Your Unborn Baby Gender