11 Must See Feng Shui Travel Dos and Don’ts

If you are a frequent traveller or just a leisure holiday maker, here are some Feng Shui taboos for you to take note when you are travelling overseas.

11 Must See Feng Shui Travel Dos and Don’ts

1. Do not stay in room at the end of the corridor – it is because this position has more “Yin” energy that is not good for human to stay in.

2. Check around the room and see if there is any religious thing laying around – In some countries, if there is some unfortunate events that happened in the room, there tends to be a bible or Buddha Sutra, so it will be good to request for a change of room. If that is not possible, just leave the bible or Sutra alone and do not open them.

3. Do not stay in room without windows – If there is no windows or opening, it will create a negative energy environment because “Yin” qi accumulate and “Yang” qi disperse.

4. Remember to knock on the door 3 times before entering – This is a common practice that you might already know. It is more like greeting and informing “someone” staying in the room that you are just borrowing the room for few days. If there is door bell, you should use it too.

5. Use your six sense – When entering the room, if you feel chilly, uncomfortable or smell any foul scent, it will good to request for a room change.

6. Do not any bed empty – If you happened to travel alone and staying in a hotel room with 2 separate beds, remember to place your bags or clothes on the other empty bed (It is good to make the bed as messy as possible). This is to notify that the bed is occupied. Do not leave it empty as you don’t know what it will attract.

7. Do not sleep in a totally dark hotel room – It is good to leave at least one light on and it will give you a sense of security too.


8. Flush the toilet bowl before the first use – This is to flush the “dirty” thing away. (not the faeces!)

9.  Do not arrange your shoes or slippers too neatly – It is good to have each shoe facing different direction (just like a symbol of Ba Gua)

10. It is inevitable for one to take photographs when overseas but do take note of the under-mentioned taboos in photo taking.

a. Do not take Mausoleum/Tomb as the background in your photo

b. Do not take photograph with old house or those thousands years old trees

c. Avoid taking photos in 3 because it seems like the one in the centre is being squeezed by both side and it might cause separation

d. Avoid taking photo in the night because you never know what you are taking.

e. Do not take photo of the mirror reflection of yourself, especially at night because mirror attract “Yin” energy easily.

You might want to call these taboos Feng Shui, superstitions, myths or anything you can called it, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.




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