Year: 2014

Believe or Not – Feng Shui Does Matter in Improving 4D Lottery Luck

Advertisement Have you been ever think that winning lottery luck is something that only happens to other people? Want to know how to make yourself luckier? Where there is a will there is always a way, so if you really want to win more lottery money, here are 10 tips from a Taiwan Feng Shui Master to share on how to choose a good outlet to buy lottery. 10 MUST SEE Tips to Increase Your Luck in Winning Lottery by Choosing a Good Outlet to buy Characteristic of a good Feng Shui outlet (Exterior) 1. 市集中心 – Choose an outlet in...

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MUST SEE Year 2015 Chinese Zodiac Forecast (With English Subtitles)

Year 2015 Chinese Zodiac Forecast by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong Here is the compilation for next year, year of 2015 Chinese zodiac forecast by the famous Feng Shui Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong. Take a peek at what lies for you in the upcoming year. Chinese Zodiac Forecast for Rat Chinese Zodiac Forecast for Ox Chinese Zodiac Forecast for Tiger Chinese Zodiac Forecast for Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Forecast for Dragon Chinese Zodiac Forecast for Snake  Chinese Zodiac Forecast for Horse Chinese Zodiac Forecast for Goat Chinese Zodiac Forecast for Monkey  Chinese Zodiac Forecast for Rooster Chinese Zodiac Forecast...

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Hui Master Year 2015 Chinese Zodiac Predictions

慧戒师傅2015羊年生肖运程 Hui Master Year 2015 Chinese Zodiac Predictions Here is the another Chinese Zodiac prediction of year 2015 by another famous Feng Shui master – Hui Master. You might also be interested in: Year 2015 Chinese Zodiac Forecast by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong Lets go and find out what lies ahead of you next year! Simply drag to the timing of your interested Chinese Zodiac prediction 牛遇鼠贵有福,可以摆鼠、金钱袋鼠、鼠来宝、找属鼠的贵人; 牛遇蛇真有德,可以摆蛇、找属蛇的贵人; 牛遇鸡更大吉,可以摆鸡、找属鸡的贵人; 牛遇羊则冲煞,注意和属羊的人相冲; 牛遇马则没法,注意和属马的人相害; - When Ox meet Rat, it will be lucky, so you can display Rat mascot (Good to have one with a wealth bag), Alvin and the Chipmunks (if...

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Zodiac 2018 Ranking

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