Month: February 2014

Colours to Avoid in Home Feng Shui

Proper selection of colours does matter in enhancing your home Feng Shui and there are also some colours that you must avoid at all cost in order not to get into colour trap. In this post, I will share with you on the colour to avoid and the meaning behind it too. Avoiding The Wrong Colour For Your Home Feng Shui Avoid Pink In Bedroom ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 10 Some people like to paint pink in bedroom because they like the romantic feeling but in home Feng Shui, it is being categorized as one of...

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Feng Shui Negative Energy 1 – 天斩煞

<<煞>> is a Feng Shui terminology that represent negative energy that is being created by the environment.  There are numerous of them and let’s go through one by one and here is the first one – << 天斩煞>> What is << 天斩煞>>? 天斩煞 is being created when 2 buildings are too close together and causing the in middle of the 2 buildings to form a fairly narrow gap. If you view this from a far distance, it seems like a large building being slashed into half by a heavenly knife. What are the effects of << 天斩煞>>? The unique point of << 天斩煞>> is the...

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Praying to Tai Sui Deities? Taoist Master Explains

Have you prayed to Tai Sui Deities for this year? I have stumbled upon an interesting and controversy article on “Tai Sui Deities” from a Taoism master. After reading, do share your view and thoughts on this matter. Article extracted from Taoist Master Blog dot com Praying to Tai Sui Deities for Fan Tai Sui issues?  Maybe it’s time to read this article that tells you the truth!  As a professional Taoism master, I hate seeing people falling into the scams and hoax. Therefore, I am going to reveal the truth and the history of this hoax to you...

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風水有關係 財位、房門禁忌完整剖析 啟用帝王格局 3 November 2013

Highlights of Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts in This Episode 1. Do not have clutter inside and outside of the main door as it will affect your wealth. 2. If you have a water tap, make sure it is facing inside the house, instead of pointing outside, as it symbolize wealth is leaking out. 3. Do not have shoe rack facing the main door either from outside or inside of the house, especially for rack that is opened. 4. 三门通 – 3 or more doors forming in a straight line is not recommended because this configuration will easily cause loss of wealth. How to solve? – Just add a curtain in the centre door to cure it. 5. Refrigerator represent your wealth treasury so it should be hidden away in an isolated area, instead exposing to the public by placing it near the front door. It will cause loss of wealth. 6. Keep your cleaning equipments like broom, cleaning detergent and others into store-room. Always keep your house free of clutter. 7. Your backyard or service yard represent your next generation luck, so you must keep it clean, airy and bright. 8. Taboos for wealth location – a. Emptiness – Do not have air con, walkway, door and windows b. Pressure from beams c. Wall knifes like open shelfs d. Darkness – Dark place usually create moisture and it symbolize...

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