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风水有关系 最怕门窗散了运 聚财纳气有妙招 7 July 2012

Highlights of Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts in This Episode 1. If the back of your sofa is facing the windows, it give you a sense of insecurity and it will also cause your wealth to disperse and cannot be accumulate. [hb_info_box type=”success”] Solution: To install 百叶窗 to cover the windows, this will help to remedy the above situation. [/hb_info_box] 2. What type of items can be used to accumulate positive energy? – Water feature, fish tank, water tank, but bear in mind that to clean the water to prevent it from smelly also the water must be active instead of still. 3. Beside using water feature, you can also consider using plants to create a wooden wall to accumulate wealth. (This is especially applicable for people who don’t like to have water feature in their home) 4. Some people might not like the idea of having water feature or plants (they are afraid of insects and flies), there is another solution which is to get 石山 that include 盐山, crystal mountain. 5. If you have wind chime in the house, make sure that it is positioned in the “Dragon” side of the house. In additional, ensure that there is wind so that there will be movement that symbolize auspicious blessing. The suitable location will be at the main door or balcony area. 6. If you are placing sword Feng Shui ornament,...

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Another Story About Singapore $1 Coin

Have you even seen a $1 Singapore coin? It is hexagon shaped. The one dollar coin is inscribed with an octagon, which looks like a Chinese Bagua. It seems that the Feng Shui masters in Singapore said that the construction of the MRT tunnels through downtown Singapore would have a negative effect on the country and her people. To counter this, they recommended that every household display a bagua to negate this. As there were many locals who did not adhere to this Chinese belief, the hexagon shaped design was incorporated into the one dollar coin. Hearsay has it...

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Do you Follow The Chinese Wedding Taboos?

According to Chinese tradition and beliefs, there are certain things which should never be conducted or done during a Chinese wedding. This article serves to share a list of taboos that one should avoid at all costs in order to ensure a smooth sailing, auspicious Chinese wedding. As a guest and as a host, both need to take heed not to conduct such taboos. 13 Taboos to Take Care for The Chinese Wedding 1. In the three months leading up to a couple’s wedding, they should avoid going to a funeral or wake, another wedding, or visiting a woman...

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What Burning ‘Paper Money’ Really Meant?

“What burning ‘paper money’ really meant those days.” Excerpt from Bro. Tan’s teachings on 30 March. During a funeral ceremony in ancient China, paper-made models of houses, sedan chairs, treasure chests, clothes, daily utensils, and even effigies of servants, were burnt as the cortege was leaving home for burial in the cemetery. The ORIGINAL meaning of such an act is to show everyone present that all former possessions of the deceased cannot be brought along to the next life.  At one’s death, everything one had ever owned has to be left behind. The burning only emphasizes this message, as...

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MUST READ Taboos of Qing Ming Festival

清明节禁忌 Taboos of Qing Ming Festival In this annual Chinese festival – Tomb Sweeping, there are lot of taboos to take note and I will share some of them here Taboos to Take Care During Qing Ming Festival 1. Never joke around when you are making your offering. 2. Refrain from wearing all black (both shirt and pants) as it is inauspicious but it is fine if you wear black shirt but white pants or black shirt with jeans. Beside black, you should also avoid wearing red shirt, shoes. 3. You must not anyhow urine or spit  near the...

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