Month: May 2014

Feng Shui Main Door Taboo – Door Facing Edge of Wall in Corridor

Open your door now and check if you are facing this situation. If your main door is facing the sharp edge of the wall along the corridor, it is undesirable from the aspect of Feng Shui. It will affect your family, health and career. In life, you will face more ups and downs and you might have some accidents. It will be a big problem if half of the wall is facing your main door. Feng Shui Cure: You can place a pair of golden lion head or place a plant to ward off the evil energy. You can also place...

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Feng Shui Dos and Don’ts in Your Home Space – Main Door Edition Part 1

Thanks to all fans and visitors for your awesome support to our website and today, we will be glad to share with you that we have included a Home Space Feng Shui Series that served as a dummy guide to those who are really new to geomancy. It will be updated by Edition and by parts and you can also find it on the menu bar, under resources. Here is the first instalment. Dummy Guide to Take Care of Main Door Feng Shui Part 1 Beside the complicated renovation details, we must always take care of the main front door...

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6 Must Know Feng Shui Taboos For Shoe Cabinet

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Facebook Google+ Pinterest Shoe rack is one of the essential furniture in every home which we always see when we visit any home. It can be placed outside of the main door, inside of the home near the entrance, or footwear lined up near the main door, but foot wear is an essential part of our life style, so you must be careful to take care of the Feng shui do’s and don’ts for storing foot wear and placement of shoe rack that are connected with wealth and good luck with effect to main door feng shui. Here are some of the the general rules concerning...

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