Month: February 2015

Feng Shui Tips and Cure For Mirror Facing Bed

Nowadays people like to use mirror in your house to make the interior look spacious and more elegant but you should take note that in Feng Shui perspective, it is a NO NO to put mirror in your bedroom, especially directly facing you. What are the Effects? Having a mirror facing your bed will not provide you a good quality sleep because the reflective energy (qi) of the mirror catches every bits of light and magnifies every sound. In long run, your health will also deteriorate due to the poor sleep quality. Even a television can cause problems although not as bad...

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What You Need To Know To Receive God Of Wealth

In our previous post, you will have know the auspicious date and time to receive the God of Wealth, today we will share with you on the procedure to receive. For more information please visit – Feng Shui Services – Feng Shui Products – Feng Shui Courses – *All materials are provided by Way OnNet Group Pte Ltd and may not be reproduced or distributed without the prior permission of Way OnNet Group Pte Ltd. <A HREF=”;ServiceVersion=20070822&#038;MarketPlace=US&#038;ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fmadinsinlah-20%2F8010%2F32aaa46b-070b-430e-baa5-42c5cbff1845&#038;Operation=NoScript”>

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Do’s And Don’ts If You Fan Tai Sui 犯太岁 in Year 2015

“Li Chun” (立春) has passed and we are now in the new year of Goat and in year 2015, the zodiac signs that are in conflicts with Goat (it is usually known 犯太岁) are as below: 屬 羊 (Goat) 本命年值太歲 Conflicting (clash) Tai Sui 屬 牛 (Ox) 衝太歲 Offending (conflict) Tai Sui 屬 鼠 (Rat) 害太歲 Harming (Incompatible) Tai Sui 屬 狗 (Dog) 刑(破)太歲 Torturing Tai Sui (causing hurt) In general, it can affect different aspects of your life this year namely, your emotion and feeling, business and career, family and relationship and wealth or health if you 犯太岁. Here are some...

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Know Your Zodiac Lucky Color for Year 2015 By Hui Master

Check out the Lucky colour for your zodiac in Year 2015 by Hui Master and here is a short English translation for our overseas friends Red is the representation of celebration and auspicious color, therefore many people love to wear red in the first day of Chinese New Year to go house visit, hoping to have a good start in this upcoming year. But everyone has their own lucky and compatible color, so is it suitable for all to wear red for the Chinese New Year? Let’s check out the Famous Feng Shui Master – Hui Master advice on this....

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Zodiac 2018 Ranking

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