Month: August 2015

8 Must See Chinese Custom and Cultures For Moving House

The Chinese has a lot of rules and regulations when coming to major event and customs like holding wedding, pregnancy, celebrating festival like Ghost Month, Chinese New Year and many more (not forgetting moving house which we will cover in this article) 8 Must See Chinese Customs When Moving House 1. Do not go in empty handed The first day of moving into your new home symbolize a new fresh start so do not enter the house empty handed. You should carry along with you valuable items, like your jewellery box, bank books, a red packet (Hong Bao) of...

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Protect Yourself and Attracting Good Luck in The Ghost Month in Feng Shui Way

In my previous post – 14 Things Not To Do in The Month of Hungry Ghost Festival, you have learnt the things to avoid, but you are still not aware what can be done to stay lucky in this month. Most business owners would agree that Lunar seventh month (western calendar is August) is typically a month of slow period of the year because a lot of people do not like to carry out major events like renovation, investment, buying property, flying overseas and many more. This is why merchants usually offer huge discounts (an obvious example is air fare) to customers...

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Feng Shui Cure for Stove Located Beside Washing Basin

The position of the stove is one of the 3 critical areas in any home and the remaining two areas are namely the main door (see 10 Must See Main Door Feng Shui to be avoid) and master bedroom (see 14 Must See Bedroom Feng Shui Taboos (With Illustrations)). In the perspective of Feng Shui, the stove is the representation of the female owner of the house. If negative vibes is created due to the stove position, it will have a greater impact on the female owner. Let’s look into your kitchen layout – Is your stove beside the sink? Is yes,...

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Apply Feng Shui Colour to Each Rooms in Your Home

Is it time to give your house a fresh new look of paint? When coming to choosing house or room colors, it can be a very difficult decision to make because you are unsure if it will turn out to look good in overall or whether if it is the best choice is for your house. If so, you should apply the ancient art of Feng Shui to serve as the starting points for color selection because each color has a different meaning and direction associated with it. Listed below are some colour paint guide for the rooms of the home and the best wall, according...

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