Month: February 2016

Know Your Marriage and Love By Just Looking At Your Palm

Check Out Your Both Palms and See Your Marriage and love relationship Result Now! 1. The Same Height Intelligent and organized. You always ensure that everything you do follow your plan, so you dislike anything sudden. But don’t be too tough on yourself, sometimes doing things out of the plan can be more fun. In term of relationship, you are gentle, sensitive and have good common sense. You might be get married to one that is approved by everyone. 2. Left Hand Line is Higher You are the type that are aggressive and like challenges. You prefer fiery or passionate kind of love....

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8 Tips To Feng Shui The Baby Room

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Facebook Google+ Pinterest Creating good room Feng Shui to attract positive vibe is not only applicable to adult, it is also important to build a nourishing environment for babies or young children, so that they can flourish from young age. Here’s how you can create good Feng Shui in the baby room 1. Ensure that the energy flow freely in the room by making sure that the room door can be opened and closed completely by clearing any clutter or obstruction behind the door. This will create a positive qi to flow in and out...

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Feng Shui Tips to Appease Tai Sui For Year 2016

Tai Sui (太岁), also known as Grand Duke Jupiter of the Year is probably one of the most highly respected and feared deity in the Chinese beliefs. It is commonly believed that that if your Zodiac animal clashes with the Tai Sui, bad luck will befall you for the whole year. In order to have a good and peaceful year, you need to pay your respect to the Tai Sui. Which Chinese Zodiacs conflicted with Tai Sui in 2016? What you should do to appease Tai Sui? For those Zodiacs that has conflicted with Tai Su, you should pray to “Tai...

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Auspicious Banking Date on Li Chun – 4 or 5 Feb 2016?

Counting down to Chinese New Year in 4 more days! You might have seen a lot of information posted everywhere aobut depositing money on Li Chun 立春 for good luck in the coming year, but the confusing part comes when some post mentioned 4 Feb is Li Chun, while some said otherwise that it is 5 Feb, so who is correct? Li Chun of 2016 is starting at 4 Feb 2016, Thursday on 05:46pm, however it is believed that the sun is set around 5pm and the force is considered bad at that timing, so the Huat Procedure (depositing money into...

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Feng Shui Flying Star 2016 Analysis and Remedies

You might have heard a lot regarding Annual Flying Star from Feng Shui masters and also quite confused about that. So in this article, I will share what is flying star in a nutshell and the method you can use in your home for Year 2016 to enhance luck, meanwhile reduce bad happenings. What Exactly is Flying Star? There are many different schools of Feng Shui, for example, Form, or Landscape school, Compass School, Eight Mansions, Four Pillars (Ba Zhi) and Xuan Kong Flying Star is associated to the Compass School of Feng Shui. This method use Flying Star system that represents the nine...

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Zodiac 2018 Ranking

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