Month: April 2016

[Must Share] 7 Living Room Sofa Feng Shui Tips

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Facebook Google+ Pinterest Sofa is one of the most essential furniture in your living room, beside providing comfort, it also play a significant role impacting your home Feng Shui. Today, we will share about the do’s and don’ts for everything regarding sofa in order to allow you to embrace a better Feng Shui  home environment. 7 Must See Tips to Feng Shui Your Sofa in Living room 1. Sofa must have backing – This is the most crucial tip to take note because by positioning the sofa against a solid wall, it symbolize having nobleman (贵人) support in...

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Three Legged Money Toad Feng Shui Symbol Placement To Attract Wealth Luck

The three legged wealth or money toad (金蟾), also known as Chan Chu (蟾蜍) is one of the most powerful and popular feng shui symbol to enhance your wealth luck. How to choose the correct one? When you are choosing a three legged toad, It has to be the three-legged (some shops sell toad or frog with 4 legs) and also choose the one that has a coin in its mouth. Where do I place the three legged frog to maximize the effect? You can position this powerful creature in the wealth position of your home to magnify your...

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