Month: May 2016

Toilet with 2 Doors – Good or Bad Feng Shui?

In the recent years, it is becoming more popular and common to construct your toilet with 2 doors (meaning that the toilet can be accessed from either one of the rooms) for ease of convenience, especially for the smaller apartments. This might seem like a good design for convenience but in fact it does have its negative effects, so what are them? Since there are 2 entries to the toilet, you will often tend to check that the door are securely locked from both sides and afraid that someone will come in suddenly if you accidentally forget to lock. This...

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Why We Must Know The 3 Most Important Feng Shui Areas of A Home (And You Should, Too!)

In life, there are always some particular factors or areas that has more importance over the others and it is the same in the world of Feng Shui too. In Home Feng Shui, we always take priority on these 3 most essential areas of our house (the main door – 门, the bedroom – 主 and the kitchen – 灶) before we take care of the other areas. Good home Feng Shui is about attracting positive energy (chi) into these 3 spaces as it signify bringing wealth and opportunities into your life. In contrast, if these 3 areas has inadequate chi or are filled with negative energy, you tend to...

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