2019 Chinese Calendar of Auspicious and Lunar Dates

Year 2019 is just around the corner! Excited to know 2019 Chinese Calendar of auspicious and lunar dates, like Chinese New Year and many more important Chinese festival? Here are a table of dates that is free for reference:

2019 Chinese Calendar of Lucky Dates


EventsGregorian CalendarDay
Li Chun Day - Beginning of SpringFebruary 4, 2019Monday
Chinese New Year EveFebruary 4, 2019Monday
Chinese New Year Day 1February 5, 2019Tuesday
Chinese New Year Day 15 (Yuan Xiao Festival)February 19, 2019Tuesday
Qing Ming Festival (Tomb-sweeping Day)April 5, 2019Friday
Dumpling FestivalJune 7, 2019Friday
Hungry Ghost FestivalAugust 15, 2019Thursday
Mooncake FestivalSeptember 13, 2019Friday
Chung Yeung Festival - Dual Ninth FestivalOctober 7, 2019Monday
Winter Solstice December 22, 2019Sunday


Getting married soon and don’t know which dates are good based on the Chinese calendar? You can refer here for a comprehensive list of auspicious Chinese wedding dates for 2019.



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