4 MUST Read Dining Hall Feng Shui Taboos Unveiled (With illustrations)

4 Dining Hall Feng Shui Taboos to Take Note

In this modern world, having a dining hall in our home is absolutely inevitable. In the dining hall, every areas and segments occupied a very important position. The Feng Shui in the dining hall also affects the entire family fortune and the relationship between husband and wife. In the view of geomancy, there are some taboos to take note for the dining hall and the slightest mistake could result in monetary loss or affecting the health, so please take care of them.

If you have a dining hall, it will be good to take note of the position, space and colour. Here are some notes to take care of

1. Avoid your dining hall facing the toilet door

dining hall facing the toilet door

Dining hall is the place where family members gather to eat good food while toilet is a place of dirty or unclean energy, so it is not good to have them facing each other. In Chinese term, we called it ““病从口入” (Sickness comes from the mouth) which indicate the poor health of the family so this must be avoided.

2. Do not have a 2 in 1 Kitchen with Dining hall

Do not have a 2 in 1 Kitchen with Dining hall

Avoid combining your kitchen and dining hall into one space because when you cook, it will accumulate soot and in long run, it will affect the hygiene and thus harm your health. In the ancient book <阳宅三要>, it stated “开门见灶,钱财多耗”. It means that if the main door and kitchen entrance forms a straight line view (you can see your kitchen direct from the main door), it can cause wealth loss and health deterioration (especially in gastroenterology).

3. Avoid bright colour in your dining hall

Bright colour in dining hall

It is most recommended to have neutral colour for dining table, for example wood colour, coffee colour and black. Do not use colour that are too glaring and bright. Don’t worry if you have already invested in a bright and expensive dining table, you can just resolve this problem by putting a neutral colour table cloth onto the existing one.

4. Do not have beams above your dining hall

Do not have beams above your dining hall

It is best for the ceiling above your dining hall to be flat and simple without any beams installed. If the ceiling is tilted, have pressurizing beams above or even under a staircase, it will cause health problems to the family members so it must be avoided. There are different effects and it depends on the position of the beam, for example, if you have a beam above the dining table, it will hinder the ability of people to digest and over time, it can lead to gastroenterology health issue.

Beside the dining hall positioning that has Feng Shui effect, we must also take note of the dining table taboos too, which will be covered in our next blog post. Stay tuned for more.

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