6 Tips To Boost Your Wealth Luck on Li Chun Day

Year 2018 is coming to an end soon and let’s welcome 2019 on Li Chun Day (4 Feb 2019, Monday) in a HUAT and prosperous way, NOT The first day of Chinese New Year which falls on 5 Feb 2019. Here are the 6 tips to follow:


STEP 1: Welcoming The Day

Welcome the day by waking early and bask your bedsheet, pillows and blankets in the morning sun (hope it don’t rain) to receive the Spring of Fortune to your home.

STEP 2: Testing your egg balancing skill

Time to test your egg balancing skill. Try to balance an egg on this day (Some said 3 eggs, but try one first) and if you are successful, it symbolise a year of good fortune ahead.

STEP 3: Wear Everything New

Wear NEW clothes and not forgetting NEW undergarment too. You can also wear Red as the colour represent prosperity and happiness.

STEP 4: Fill your wallet with Cash

To fill your wallet with Cash and it will be good to have some Hong Bao with you at all times. This symbolise the abundance of wealth for the year. You might be interested to read How to Find a lucky Wallet for Yourself? 


STEP 5: Deposit Money into the bank at Auspicious Hours

To activate your wealth luck by depositing money into the bank. Refer to the different auspicious timing to bank in accordingly to their respective Zodiac animal signs.

STEP 6: Deposit Money into the bank at Auspicious Hours

To Stay happy at all time on this special day(Of course, everyday you must stay positive too). Refrain from cursing and swearing and good fortune will come throughout the year!



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