7 MUST SEE Study Table Feng Shui Placement Taboos (With Pictures)

Regardless if you are working in a home office or your kids studying in the area, it is a MUST to take good care of the Feng Shui placement of your table so that it can create balanced and healthy environment for one to work in. So let’s go through the Do’s and Don’ts for your table.

7 Study Table Feng Shui  to Look out for

1. Your back should be supported by a solid wall when sitting at your study/office table. It will give you a sense of security and also symbolize help from your benefactor (贵人). If your back is open to a walkway,  it will attract back stabber in your office.

2. Do not position your table to face the wall directly as it symbolize obstacles in your career or business. It is always good to have a gap or walking space between your table front and the wall to welcome opportunities and growth.

Study Table Feng Shui

3. Your table should not be directly facing the door because it will cause the qi to be unstable and you will always feel like going out to play, instead of staying home to study.

4. Avoid sitting back facing the windows because it will give people a sense of insecurity and also attract backstabber (same concept as point 1)

study room feng shui 1

5. Avoid having a beam above your table as it will cause unnecessary stress and pressure.

study room feng shui 2

6. Do not position your table in the middle of the room – It signify loneliness and getting no support from the 4 sides.

study room feng shui 3

7. Do not sit with your table facing the windows because the outside environment will distract the person and cannot focus on his work or study.

study room feng shui 4



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