8 Must See Chinese Custom and Cultures For Moving House

The Chinese has a lot of rules and regulations when coming to major event and customs like holding wedding, pregnancy, celebrating festival like Ghost Month, Chinese New Year and many more (not forgetting moving house which we will cover in this article)

8 Must See Chinese Customs When Moving House

1. Do not go in empty handed

The first day of moving into your new home symbolize a new fresh start so do not enter the house empty handed. You should carry along with you valuable items, like your jewellery box, bank books, a red packet (Hong Bao) of $138 (一生发) and also a wallet full of cash. Beside that, remember to wear proper dressing and avoid torn and dirty jeans.

With all these done, it will signify a bright new future, embraced with good luck and wealth.

2. Do not do any more renovation or minor changes after moving in

It is a MUST to ensure that all the renovation works are done completely before moving in and if you really need to do some minor changes after moving in, it will good to choose a date for it. Note that moving of small items are not considered.

3. Pregnant woman to Avoid moving house

If there is pregnant woman in your home, she should stay at her mother house and must not be involved in the moving house and also the renovation process.

4. Good date selection is a MUST and move in before noon time

You must choose a good date for moving in by looking at the lunar calendar and choose those dates that are good for moving house (入宅). Beside that, you should also choose those days that does not clash with the family members’ zodiac sign. It is advisable to move house in the morning because any timing before noon is considered “Yang”, while after noon is considered as “Yin”.

5. New house must be “Blessed” with bright lighting

All lighting of the house should be turned on for continuous 3 days before moving in. This process signify a bright and prosperous future for the family members and also removing the existing negative energy in the house.

6. Invite friends and relative to celebrate this joyful occasion

It will be good for you to invite your friends and relatives to your new house for a treat on that day. If you are too busy on that day, you may choose another day for the treat too. This is to increase the 人气 of the house so that it can prosper.

7. Be Present yourself during the day of moving in

You must be present yourself during the day of moving in and must not asked someone to do it for you. This is to protect your own wealth and assets.

8. Stove must be turn on

On the day of moving in, you must turn on your stove and cook “Tang Yuan” / dumpling or sweet tea to symbolize”圆满”(Success)

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