8 Things to Keep Away For Good Bedroom Feng Shui

8 Things to Keep Away for Good Bedroom Feng Shui

Do you know that certain items are bad feng shui for your bedroom? If not, keep reading…

1.Keep all electronics out of your bedroom if possible

Do not have TV, laptop and other electronics, especially your phone in your bedroom because they emit EMF that is harmful to one’s health over long term. AND do you know that your handphone is the MOST dirty item you can imagine (since you bring it anywhere, even to the toilet) ? The bacteria from your phone is most likely to spread to your face if you placed it near to you when you are sleeping.

2. Home office in your bedroom is a Feng Shui Big NO NO

Always keep your work away from this personal space where you should rest and relax. If you have such situation, you will tend to be reminded of work and will not enjoy good sleep quality.

3. It is best to keep mirror away from your bedroom and other places to avoid bad Feng Shui

The most common yet important Feng Shui bedroom tip is avoid placing mirror opposite your bed and seeing your reflection in the mirror while in the bed. If you have such situation, it is advisable to remove them and you will feel the changes in the energy flow. Beside that, you will also be spared from scaring yourself in the middle of the night.



4. Do not place family/friends photos or religious images in bedroom

Bedroom is a personal space and staring at those pictures while in bed does not allow you relax and also keep you from enjoying intimacy and valuable time with your partner.

5. Avoid plants in your bedroom

All plants, regardless if it is living, dried or artificial, it should be kept away from your bedroom. The reason is simple, all plants give out yang energy and all this active qi can interfere and disrupt your sleep quality, making you hard to fall asleep.

6. Avoid poison arrows pointing to your bed

Take a look at your bedroom environment and take note of any wall or furniture protruding corners aiming at your bed. These are known as Sha Qi that can affect your health and relationship luck over time.

7. Do not use vibrant color on wall, curtains or bedlinen in your bedroom

Avoid using color bright orange, red, pink, and yellow as vibrant color make you feel more energetic and making you hard to sleep.

8. Do not keep exercise equipments in your bedroom

If you want to work out, go to the gym or a dedicated room for it. If you place your tread mill in your bedroom, you will be constantly reminded to exercise and it will affect your sleep quality. Beside these, you might want to know more about the 14 Bedroom Feng Shui taboos (with illustrations)




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