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8 MUST SEE Toilet Feng Shui Taboos (With Illustrations)

Advertisement Toilet is an important place in your house that will affect your good feng shui, but it seems so insignificant that is always being neglected when you are doing house viewing. In this post, Feng Shui toilet taboos will be shared so that you can look out for it when buying a new home. MUST READ – 8 Feng Shui Taboos For Toilet 1. Do not locate your bed to the wall that has the toilet positioned behind it – It will cause disharmony and disagreement among the family members. 2. Avoid your toilet door facing the entrance of your kitchen...

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11 MUST SEE Travel Feng Shui Taboos

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement If you are a frequent traveller or just a leisure holiday maker, here are some Feng Shui taboos for you to take note when you are travelling overseas. 11 Must See Feng Shui Travel Dos and Don’ts 1. Do not stay in room at the end of the corridor – it is because this position has more “Yin” energy that is not good for human to stay in. 2. Check around the room and see if there is any religious thing laying around – In some countries, if there is some unfortunate events that happened in the room, there...

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14 Must See Bedroom Feng Shui Taboos (With Illustrations)

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Unveiling Feng Shui Taboos for Bedroom, Do not Miss! Under-mentioned listed are the taboo that you must take note and take care. 1. Bedroom door facing the toilet door If you have this type of arrangement, it will cause illness mainly on bones and muscles and also loss of wealth. Toilet is a place with moisture, stinky and bad smell, so if you will absorb the negative energy. 2. Bed facing the room door It will cause health problem to different parts of your body depending on the door facing. a. Door facing head –...

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10 Must See Kitchen Feng Shui Taboos (With Illustrations)

Advertisement Kitchen Feng Shui is considered one of the most important area that you must not ignore because it not only represent the health of the female house owner but also is the wealth treasury. Here are 10 kitchen Feng Shui taboos to take note during renovation. 1. Kitchen door facing the main door If you have this type of layout, it will affect the health of the female owner that is living inside and it is also hard to accumulate wealth. If possible, it will be good to relocate the kitchen door to avoid facing the main door 2....

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6 Must Know Feng Shui Taboos For Shoe Cabinet

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Facebook Google+ Pinterest Shoe rack is one of the essential furniture in every home which we always see when we visit any home. It can be placed outside of the main door, inside of the home near the entrance, or footwear lined up near the main door, but foot wear is an essential part of our life style, so you must be careful to take care of the Feng shui do’s and don’ts for storing foot wear and placement of shoe rack that are connected with wealth and good luck with effect to main door feng shui. Here are some of the the general rules concerning...

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