Are Cactus Good or Bad Feng Shui?

Cactus is one of the most popular type of plant that many people like because it is strong and easy to keep. It won’t die without watering for a long time, so it does not take much effort for maintenance. Although the appearance of the cactus is not beautiful, but it has a unique and a beautiful feeling to some of us who are cactus lovers. We all know that the breeding of plants and animals will bring some feng shui effects to the home. So, does having a cactus at home or office have an impact on Feng Shui?

1. Placing Cactus in Office Attract Evil People

Firstly, let’s take a look how this plant affect the Feng Shui of the workspace. For the office workers, the feng shui of this space is especially important as it is closely related to one’s career progression and salary increase. It is very common to place a cactus in the office, beside the computers because it is believed to prevent radiation but the negative part is that it will attract villain or nasty people to obstruct you in your work and adversely affect your advancement. So it is recommended to replace cactus by other green plants.
Let’s take a look at the cactus taboos in the home.

2. Placing Cactus in Home Bedroom Affect Relationship

The most important areas in the home that can affect the family’s fortune is the living room and bedroom, so if the cactus is placed in the bedroom, it will create killing energy / Sha Qi with its thorns. It will bring dispute or misunderstanding caused by gossip that will sour the couple relationship, so avoid placing this plant in the room.

3. Placing Cactus in Home Living Room Might Cause Disharmony 

The living room is the key area in your home that Feng Shui must not be neglected as it can affect the overall energy flow in the house. Placing a cactus will create negative energy and cause conflicts between family members.

Beside Feng Shui, in practical view, it might also be advisable not to place cactus at home because it might also cause accident injury, especially for family that has small babies or pets as they get hurt by the thorns.

What happen if you really love to place a cactus at home, where is the best place to position this plant?

You can place it at the windows or balcony to neutralise any killing energies or bad Sha qi from the surrounding environment outside the house, for example, sharp corners from nearby building, balcony that face the temple, hospital, cemetery or etc.

In plant or cactus Feng Shui, the yellowing of the plant represents the sign of death. If the cactus you place at the balcony is withered, it  replaced immediately. Otherwise, the plant will not have the effect of neutralising the bad energy, but it will affect the magnetic field instead, so you must take extra care.




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