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Balcony Feng Shui Tips For Good Fortune and Attract Wealth

Balconies are nice and it will be even more awesome if it has a beautiful view, but it is also equally important to consider Feng Shui factors in choosing a house with a good balcony. Here are some guidelines to follow:

1. Avoid main door directly facing your balcony

If you have such layout, it means that you will have difficulty accumulating wealth and what you earn will be gone in the end of the month.

2. Poison arrow pointing towards your balcony

Try to observe the external view, standing from your balcony and see if there is any poison arrow, for example, the edge of the opposite apartment, lamppost, pointed edge from any structures and others. If possible, try to avoid buying such house. That might be the reason why people like to choose the highest level as possible.

3. Avoid clutter or hanging clothes at your balcony

The balcony represents the vision of your future in career or business, so keep it as clean and tidy as possible. Try not to hang clothes/undergarment and keep it clutter-free.

4. Keep your balcony bright

It will be good to keep your balcony as bright as possible by allowing natural sunlight coming in, instead of having tall plants blocking all the lighting.

5. Do not put god altar at the balcony

Balcony is the area of your house that is most exposed to the outside environment – rain and shine, so avoid locating your area of prayer there.

6. Avoid dual entry from your balcony

It means that from your balcony, you are able to access your living room and also your bedroom. This is what we called a 回风煞.

What are the negative effect?

– The younger family members tends to go out of house frequently and does not like to stay at home. In the long run, it will affect the relationship between the family

– Wealth is difficult to be accumulated.

7. Avoid balcony of irregular shape

It will be advisable to have a balcony of a regular shape, like squarish or rectangular. It will be easier for furniture placement too.

8. Choose the correct direction facing of your balcony

Choose balcony facing east or south as it gives you ample light.

Do not choose balcony facing the west as the sunset sunlight will make you uncomfortable.

9. No Pets in the balcony

It is advisable not to rear your pets in the balcony and if you don’t take extra effort to clean the filth and smell, it will affect the health of the whole family.




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