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Is Bed Facing TV REALLY Bad Feng Shui Rule?

Many of us have heard from either Feng Shui masters or friends that placing a television inside your bedroom, especially facing the bed is bad Feng Shui rule and will try to avoid at all cost.

But no one really explain the reason behind it, people will start asking “Why not?”, so do you want to know why?

Here are 4 main reasons why a TV in your bedroom creates bad Feng Shui and how it affects your life. You might be surprised that it does not only involve geomancy, but also mix physiology behaviour and health science.

4 main reasons why a TV in your bedroom is bad Feng Shui rule

1. Harmful EMF in the environment

First of all, a TV is always being switched on (I believe most of us will tend to doze off in the bed) or even in the stand by mode, it still emit EMF all through the night and this might affect your sleep quality and in the long period of time, it can affect your health condition too.


2. Distraction that prevent communications

Nowsaday, people are already so busy with their work, eyes are always staring at their mobile phone during meals with their loved ones, so if you still watch TV in your bedroom, your relationship will definitely suffer because of this distraction. It prevent you from making an intimate contact or even a talk with your partner.

3. Function as a mirror

It is believed that when you sleep with a TV opposite the bed, it is also considered as a mirror that reflect the energy right back at you which is a bad Feng Shui rule. To be physiologically put your mind at ease, you can consider cover the TV with a cloth when not in use, or build a cover up cupboard to house the TV.

4. Sleep Quality Affected and Implication of health issue

According to studies, it indicate that watching television before bed disrupts good sleep cycles. Removing the television away from your bedroom results in more sleep and better sleep quality.




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