6 Handy Feng Shui Tips For BTO Selection You Can’t Ignore in Singapore

Buying a good Feng Shui house is everyone’s dream and desire, especially in Singapore. The housing cost is high with limited space for living. Buying HDB BTO flats also comes with the minimum occupation period of 5 years regulation. So it is important to choose the good Feng Shui house at the start. How do we achieve that?

You need to remember that there is no 100% good Feng Shui house, but we can look for a better one that encourages good Chi.

What is BTO?

BTO, Build-to-Order is a unique public housing scheme launched by the Housing Development Board (HDB) of Singapore. Interested parties can apply for the scheme and need to wait for 5 to 6 years for their new HDB flat to be ready. You cannot view the physical unit since it is still not yet built, so there might be some challenges in selection. However, we got you covered with these 6 Feng Shui tips to select a BTO flat.

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6 Feng Shui Tips For Choosing BTO Units in Singapore

1. Choose The Flat With The Right Floorplan

Since we cannot visit the flat physically, we can choose the unit based on the floor plan. Always choose a unit with regular shape like squarish or rectangular because it will minimise the missing sector problem. In practical perspective, these units also allow you to position your furniture easier.

2. Do Not Choose Unit Facing the West Sun

It is best to avoid choosing a unit facing the west sun. Besides the flaming heat, such houses have bad Feng Shui and are also harder to sell off in the future.

3. Look Around The Exterior of Your House

You should take the surrounding amenities into consideration to choose a house with good Feng Shui. If possible, don’t choose houses that are near to hospital, graveyard, police station, petrol station, temples, churches.

4. Look Outside Your Unit

Look at your site plan again and check the exterior situations for Feng Shui challenges. Some undesirable situation is main door facing the staircase, main door facing neighbour front door, main door facing lift and many others. You can always choose a better one without such configuration.

5. No Toilet or Kitchen in The Heart of The House

Divide your floor plan into 9 sectors. Avoid choosing the unit with toilet or kitchen that is in the center of the house as this layout affects wealth accumulation and also fertility.

6. What Did You See When Standing At The Main Door?

Avoid choosing the unit with main entrance door facing directly towards the bedroom, toilet, or kitchen.

Now you know these Feng Shui tips to select your BTO flats, time to choose the house that can bring you good luck




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