Buddha at Home Feng Shui Placement Tips

In Chinese and Indian culture, Buddha statues at home are often not only used for prayer but also decoration accessories that create a calm element and feel to the interior. Those who are lovers of Feng Shui also like to use them to attract positive energy or qi into a room while designing and renovating their homes

However, there are some do’s and don’ts for the buddha status placement at home to feel the full benefit from the positive vibe and avoid bad luck. In this article, we’ve highlighted some Feng Shui tips that will help you to position a Buddha statue in the right place in your home and attract positive energy flowing through the house.

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Buddha at Home Most Auspicious and Correct Location for Good Luck

1. Facing the main entrance door, but not directly – This is one of the most recommended position to place the Buddha of a home opposite your main door on a table that should be high. If you have any Feng Shui celestial animals, like pixiu, chi lin, etc, they should be always displayed not higher than the buddha statue. Never place a buddha statue on the floor and it should always be maintain to keep it clean and free of filth as a form of respect.

2. Do not place any Buddhist sculptures or charms in a bedroom as it is a place of intimacy, therefore it is a form of disrespect.

3. Buddha sculptures should always be in the open and should not be keep in the drawers, cupboards or safe.

4. Do not place your Buddha sculptures or painting in your bathroom because it is the most filthy area of the home.

5. Similarly, avoid placing your Buddha statues near to electronic equipment, especially sound system/tv that produced a lot of sounds as they tend to disturb the energy of the surrounding environment.

6. There are some Feng shui rules to make sure a location of significance should avoid “Sha Chi” or “Killing chi”. In real life, you should avoid placing your buddha that is facing any energy flows that are uncomfortable, for example, open shelves cabinet, under the beam, facing towards pointed edge of a furniture.




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