Ceiling Fan in Bedroom is Good or Bad Feng Shui?

There have been many conflicting views between Feng Shui practitioners on this topic – “Is Installing Ceiling Fan in bedroom Good or Bad Feng Shui?” This is especially true in countries that has hot temperature all year round and installing ceiling fan is already an important alternative solution to save cost in electricity.

Firstly, lets take a peek of each saying and see which is a better explanation.

Ceiling Fan in Bedroom is Good Feng Shui

1. It keep the air in the room fresh.

2. It encourage Chi energy to move with its circular motion

3. It does take up space on the floor that will create clutter in the room.

Ceiling Fan in Bedroom is Bad Feng Shui

1. Having ceiling fan directly above your head can cause stress and tension to the ones who are sleeping below.

2. If you have a low height ceiling fan, it give people a feeling of oppression and lack of security.

3. The cutting qi generated by the fan can cut and destroy love relationship.

Some Guidelines to follow if Ceiling Fan in Your Bedroom is really essential for you

1. A Feng-Shui-friendly ceiling fan in your bedroom must be installed away from the bed.

2. Don’t install the ceiling fan too low – If you have low ceiling, it is not recommended to install one in your room, especially for those who has double decker bed.

3. Do not install those that come with lighting that are unadjustable.

4. Make sure that the ceiling fans are properly maintained and regularly cleaned.

What are your thoughts? 




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