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Chi Lin Chinese Unicorn Feng Shui Cure and Significance

Chi Lin is a legendary heavenly animal with a Dragon head that is said to release cosmic chi that can attract success, good fortune and long life. It is sometimes known as the Dragon Horse or the Chinese unicorn because it has a horse body. The Chinese unicorn is said to have the power to give luck and bless people with good fortune.

The powerful combination of these two auspicious animals is essential in Feng Shui application, symbolising authority, courage, loyalty, high aspirations, well-being and determination.

In addition, it has carp fish scales on its back that represent abundance and wealth luck. To better use it as a Feng Shui enhancer for boosting wealth and career luck, it is best to use the male and female as a pair.

What Does Chi Lin Signify in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, many practitioners consider Chi Lin a powerful symbol for promoting positive energy flow and bringing good luck, prosperity, and protection. Below are some significance and symbolism of Chi Lin

Protection: Chi Lin is a protective celestial creature that can remove negative energies and ward off evil spirits. Therefore, you can place a statue in the home or office to provide security and peace of mind.

Wealth and Prosperity: Many people associate Chi Lin with good fortune, wealth, and abundance, which can attract positivity and opportunities for success and financial prosperity.

High Rank and Authority: Chi Lin symbolises high rank and nobility. It is often depicted alongside rulers and officials, signifying good governance, stability, and social order.

How To Differentiate Male or Female Chi Lin?

The Chi Lin on the right-hand side has a globe ball symbolising the world under his feet. Therefore, it represents conquering the world and having an extensive network. This Chi Lin design is the male version.

On the other hand, for the female, the left-handed one will either have an ingot or a cub under her foot.


Is Chi Lin Same As Pixiu?

Chi Lin and Pixiu are two distinct and powerful Chinese symbols that some of us might have mistakenly considered the same. While they are both associated with wealth, protection, and harmony, they have some key differences.

Symbolism: While Chi Lin and Pixiu are associated with good luck and prosperity, they have different areas of influence. Chi Lin is a symbol of nobility, high rank, and good governance, while Pixiu has the power to attract wealth and abundance and ward off evil spirits.

Use: Chi Lin is used in Feng Shui to promote positive energy flow, attract good fortune, and provide protection. On the other hand, Pixiu is primarily used to attract wealth and abundance and to protect against financial losses.

Placement: Chi Lin is typically placed in the living room or study area to promote education, creativity, and career success, while Pixiu is often placed in the wealth area of the home or office to attract money energies.

How To Use Chi Lin in Feng Shui For Good Luck?

1. You can position a pair of Chi Lin at the door front on either side if facing directly towards the lift, stairs or escalator to disperse the gushing chi energy. You can place this symbol on the floor or raise it to a higher level.

2. Position three protective Chi Lin as a Feng Shui cure to mitigate the 3 Killings: the Year Sha, Robbery Sha and Disaster Sha. Place them at the afflicted sectors in the annual flying star Feng Shui to minimize the negative energy.

For example, the Three Killings will be in the West sector in 2023, and you can consider placing a Chi Lin.

3. If you have a Chi Lin with treasures at its feet and coins in its mouth, it is said to be able to attract wealth. Therefore, please place it in your wealth area facing outwards to use it for wealth.

4. Place it in the study room to enhance your luck at work and improve your children’s scholastic luck in their studies.

If you want to place chi lin at home, try to put a small-sized one instead of a vast size.



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