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Chinese Monkey Zodiac Sign 2022 Forecast – A Challenging Year?

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Zodiac Animal Sign: Monkey (猴)

Year: 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

Compatible Zodiac Sign (s): Rat, Dragon and Snake

Chinese Monkey Zodiac Animal Sign 2022 Overall Forecast

In 2022, those who are born under the Chinese monkey zodiac sign will face a challenging year filled with changes. This is because they have a conflict with the Grand Duke Jupiter, traditionally known as “Fan Tai Sui”.

You must learn to be flexible to adapt to changes and be calm when handling issues. Do not be too rash in your actions to avoid regretting afterwards. However, there are still some auspicious stars that help to minimise the negative impact. The key to thrive in 2022 is to put in more effort and do your best at work.

Wealth Luck

  • 45% 45%
Under the influence of the achievement star, you have high chance of promotion. But it might not mean a significant salary raise, so it is better to stay prudent and spend within your means. It might be good to shelve off any purchase of big-ticket items, like real estate to avoid getting into cash flow problem.

Your financial luck is lacking in 2022, so you must pay more attention to money matters. If anyone asks to borrow money, it will be best to reject them as you might have problem getting the money back.

Do not blindly trust other people when making investments because you are putting your hard-earned savings at risk. If it is too good to be true, then it probably is. In summary, this is a year to set a budget and stick to it.

Career Luck

  • 40% 40%
Those born in the year of Monkey will have the urge to change your job or switch career. If you are considering these options, always prepare yourself first by upskilling. Do not quit your job hastily with no plan. You might face many obstacles in work that make you more impulsive and frustrated. This will most likely get you into more disagreement with colleagues and peers. Always take a step back and do not force things because it will hurt the working relationship at work.

For business owners, it is important to think and plan for a smooth sailing year. Do not rush to get things done because mistakes are easily made. It will affect your reputation and cause your business to go downhill.

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Love Luck

  • 30% 30%
2022 is considered is year of changes in your love relationship. It can be positive changes, like giving birth or getting married. However, you might face separation in a long-time relationship. For the singles, your romance luck is weak, hence it is hard to meet your other half this year. Consider spending more time in your career and work.

As for those in a relationship or marriage, you will get easily tense up or frustrated over the trivial matters that cause stress to your other half. Open and honest communication is the key to a happy relationship, so it is good to spend some time talking to each other every day.

Health Luck

  • 30% 30%
In 2022, there are many work travel opportunities, but these trips are likely to affect you mentally or physically. You must pay extra attention to food hygiene and safety when you are overseas. Do not miss your meal and adopt a nutritious diet to keep yourself healthy. It is good to do a full body checkup at least once to know your current health condition so that you can seek medical treatment early.

Your emotion will directly affect your physical health, and immune system will deteriorate too. That makes you vulnerable to common flu and many minor illnesses. Learn to let go of the unnecessary worries and appreciate the goodness in life.

 Disclaimer: All zodiac sign forecast curated in this article are intended for general reference and entertainment purpose. For more accurate and personalized outlook forecast, it is recommended to approach a professional educational consultant to understand more.




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