Clothing Superstitions That You Don’t Believe It Exist

In the Eastern or Western countries, every culture has its own uniqiue superstition, especially in the Chinese society, beside the widely known ones, there is another set of clothing superstitions that they follow too. 


Clothing Superstitions That You Might Not Know

1. Wearing Clothes Inside Out

Do not be embarrassed or correct it when you are caught wearing your clothes inside out. If you take off your clothing and revert it correctly, it is believed that your good luck will disappear.

This does not apply if you deliberately wear your clothings inside out.

2. Number of button Does Matter

Take some time to check your clothes. If you discovered that you have an odd number of buttons on your clothing, it is believed to bring you good luck. If you have even number of buttons, don’t fret, just sew an extra button on it.

3.  Fashion that Attract Wealth

In some belief, Clothes with polka dots design is said to attract money luck because the small round shapes on the clothing look like an abundance of coins flowing into your life. This is applicable for men too. In some cases that some people don’t like such design, they choose to wear clothing with lucky symbols like dragon, crane and many others.

4. Wear your dreams and be reminded

Select your clothes that can act as a reminder you of your dreams. It will remind you about them every time you wear them. This might be the law of attraction.

5. Choose clothings based on personal birth element

Everyone has their own unique combination of 5 elements (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth), so they will choose to wear the elements color which they are lacking in, for example, if a person has less wood element, they can choose to wear green color to balance the elements.

Now you know these clothing superstition do’s and don’ts, will you follow them?



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