Crystal Globe Feng Shui Use and Placement

Crystal Globe is among the popular Feng Shui cure and enhancers for improving business success, academic and networking luck, achieving fame and recognition. It is believed that the Earth energy in the globe play an important role in creating wealth luck and abundance.

Crystal Globe Feng Shui Best Placements and Uses

1. If you are running a business that required to deal with customers around the world, you can further enhance the success rate and wealth luck by displaying this crystal globe, together along with the Feng Shui Money frog at cash registers or the reception area.

2. For those who are authors, reports, bloggers and any occupation that requires to acquire fame and recognition, you can choose to place a crystal globe in the South sector to enhance the fame energy.

3. If you are still pursuing your study, display one globe on your study desk to bring you scholastic luck and success in examination.

4. This crystal globe is best positioned in the wealth corner of the house, the sectors that the flying star prosperity #8 and future prosperity #9 resides in (in 2019, it is in the center and north-west), so that it can further enhance and support the positive energy. Beside these position, you can also positioned it in your personal Sheng Qi location based on your Kua Number.

5. Globes symbolise expanding international business filled with opportunities, so some companies love to integrate or embed this lucky symbol in their company logo for this auspicious purpose.


Since this crystal globe play a significant role in Feng shui, it is an ideal good luck gift or self used to those individuals who are seeking success in their studies and those who are climbing the corporate ladder or desire a breakthrough for entrepreneurs.



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