“Li Chun” (立春) has passed and we are now in the new year of Goat and in year 2015, the zodiac signs that are in conflicts with Goat (it is usually known 犯太岁) are as below:

屬 羊 (Goat) 本命年值太歲 Conflicting (clash) Tai Sui

屬 牛 (Ox) 衝太歲 Offending (conflict) Tai Sui

屬 鼠 (Rat) 害太歲 Harming (Incompatible) Tai Sui

屬 狗 (Dog) 刑(破)太歲 Torturing Tai Sui (causing hurt)

In general, it can affect different aspects of your life this year namely, your emotion and feeling, business and career, family and relationship and wealth or health if you 犯太岁.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for those who has 犯太岁

Do’s and Don’ts For People who 犯太岁

1. First and most importantly is to have a positive mindset and do not worry over nothing because law of attraction does work if you are always thinking of the negative stuff.

2. Be involved and attend joyous celebrations as much as you can in order to rub some positive energies happy people and occasion.

3. Avoid attending funerals or going to hospital if you can.

4. You can choose to go for wisdom tooth extraction or blood donation as they are some ways to overcome 血光之灾

5. Do charity and do good

6. Avoid any extreme sports or any adventurous trips

7. Send your car for routine check to prevent any accidents on the road and of course drive carefully

8. Do not take any risky investment or career changes

9. Tai Sui dislikes noise and commotion. Avoid construction work including repair work or renovation.

In additional, there are sources that also indicated Dragon has also 犯太岁 in year 2015.

Dragon Fan Tai Sui 2015

There are also some disbelief and controversy discussion on this topic, you might be interested in know more in Praying To Tai Sui Deities? Taoist Master Explains

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