Double Happiness Symbol

How To Use and Place Double Happiness Symbol For Love Luck?

The double happiness symbol is a famous cultural icon in many Asian countries, especially China. Many people have long associated this symbol with luck, love and joyous occasions. You can find it in various forms, such as paper cuttings, embroidery, and porcelain figures.

Many believe that the double happiness symbol can bring good fortune to those people who use it during special occasions. Therefore, it is no surprise that you can find them as decorations at Chinese weddings and other joyful events associated with love.

But, do you know the significance and origin?

Origin of Double Happiness Symbol

In Chinese tradition and culture, this lucky symbol has always been among the most popular good luck charms or decorative symbols of love and marriage union.

This calligraphy symbol resembles two identical characters embracing each other, making it a perfect representation of a balanced, harmonious union. It is commonly seen or used in weddings or other happy Chinese events to bless the couple with a blissful marriage.

Chinese calligraphy is a beautiful and meaningful form of art that has been an integral part of Chinese culture and history. People often use its characters to express emotions and ideas. One of the most well-liked characters is “Xi”, which translates to joy or happiness in English. Coupled with another Chinese character, “Shuang”, which means double, it symbolizes double happiness.

During the Qing Dynasty in China, the double happiness symbol gained even more popularity when the emperor decorated his wedding area with this symbol. The emblem has remained popular since people believe it brings good luck and prosperity to those who use it.


How to Use and Place Double Happiness Symbol For Good Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice used for centuries to bring good luck and fortune into homes and businesses. The double happiness symbol, also known as ‘Shuang Xi’, is one of the most potent symbols in feng shui. It balances yin and yang energies, which can help attract harmony and prosperity into any space. This article will explore how to use the double happiness symbol in Feng Shui to maximize its positive effects.

1. Love Cure and Enhancer

Besides the commonly seen Feng Shui love enhancers like the mandarin duck, the Phoenix and Dragon, or rose quartz crystal, this Double Happiness Symbol can also be positioned in the South-West corner of the bedroom.

In the Bagua map, placing this symbol in this sector help to enhance love and romance luck for the married couple.

2. Used in Chinese Wedding

This auspicious symbol is everywhere in Chinese wedding ceremonies. For example, people knit on the bride’s gown and groom’s clothes, chopsticks, teapot set, pasted on the home door/walls, above the headboard of the bed and many other locations. The Chinese strongly believe it is the most magnificent symbol of marital bliss and perfect marriage.

3. Place The Double Happiness Symbol in South-West

For singletons looking for your partner, place the symbol in the South-west corner of your bedroom for love luck. Alternatively, you can wear the character as a fashion accessory everywhere. It can help to boost your romance luck and attract your other half into your life.

Remember, whatever Feng Shui cure and enhancer you bring home, you must feel the favourable energy of positivity and affinity with it. It means that you have chosen the right one.



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