Zodiac Animal Sign: Dragon (龙)

Year: 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Compatible Zodiac Sign (s): Rat, Monkey and Rooster

Ranking: 4/12

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign Forecast for Year 2020

2020 is a lucky year for the Dragon and is filled with surprises that are in favor of you.

Don’t doubt yourself, be confident and take up any opportunities that are presented to you. It is time to strive for greater achievement and success.


Career Luck

Dragons will have a flourishing career luck in the year of Rat, and this is an opportune time to showcase your abilities to gain recognition.  Your boss will note your hard work and effort and might reward you in giving a promotion or salary increment.

Remember to stay humble when you gain success because arrogance might get you into hot soup.

Wealth Luck

Your wealth luck is prosperous in the year 2020. You will receive a good flow of wealth from your main income, business, and also reap a profit from investment.

This might be a good time for legitimate investment, like property, stocks etc, but always remember to do your due diligence first before deciding. There is an unfavorable star called “五鬼” that might affect you, so guard yourself against those “too good to be true” schemes or engaging those self-claimed expert to help you invest. These risky investments will make you lose your money, so take extra caution.


Romance Luck

The romance luck is mediocre. For married couples, your love life seems mundane and needs to add passion to the relationship, so you might consider going for more leisure holiday to reignite the spark. There will be disagreement at times so be more accommodating and compassionate towards each other. Things will get better and strengthen the relationship.

For singles, there may not be much progress as you desire, so focusing on your work this year might yield a better outcome.

You can adapt the “Let fate take the course” mindset, but still participate in social networking events to know more new friends and you never know, it might turn into an intimate relationship.

Health Luck

The dragons have no major concern regarding their health status this year. Due to the increased workload in your career, pay attention to maintain a balanced lifestyle and get ample rest.

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