Dream Catcher Meaning in Feng Shui

Dream Catcher Meaning and Origin

Dream Catcher originated from the Native American people and they believed that it helps to filter dreams by catching the good one and allow it to slid down through the fluffy feathers to the one sleeping below it. Beside that, it also help to trap the bad dream in the protective net and clearing away the negative energy during sunrise the next morning.

The dream catcher is circular in shape that represent the life’s circle and it is often being known as the scared hoop. In the asian countries, you can find dream catcher that has peacock feathers attached instead because the peacock is a symbol of good luck/enlightenment and also believed to be an earthly manifestation of the powerful phoenix.

Dream Catcher Placement Tips

1. In the Bedroom – The key purpose of this Feng Shui cure/tailsman or amulet is to act as a protection or shield for sleeping people, especially keeping nightmares or bad dreams away from babies and young children.

So the most ideal placement is to hang the dream catcher over or near to the bed to serve its guardian purpose.


2. Doors/windows – Since the dream catcher is used to capture the negative energy, it should also be placed at the entry point of a space, for example, the main entrance door, balconies or windows. 

3. In the Car – For protection, safe travel and shield against accidents



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