Ear Itching Superstition

Untold Meanings of The Left and Right Ear Itching Superstition

I bet that most of you have heard about the symbolic meaning behind the twitching left and right eye. How about ear itching superstition? When your left or right ear itch out of the blue, what does it mean?

Most people believe that someone is speaking good or cursing you when the ear itch, but do you know that there are different meanings based on the timing of your ear itch.

Meaning of Ear Itch Superstition at Different Time of the Day

PeriodMeaning (Left Ear)Meaning (Right Ear)
2300hrs to 0100hrs
Indicate that someone miss you and thinking of youYou will face defeat and failure
0100hrs to 0300hrs
You will meet with disagreement and argument.You will face opposition and rejection in what you do
0300hrs to 0500hrs
Unexpected loss of money, so avoid lending money to othersYou are facing a happening situtation that make you anxious
0500hrs to 0700hrs
You will be invited to a party or event of celebrationA special and important long-time friend that you have not seen for a while will visit you.
0700hrs to 0900hrs
You are going to reap the fruits from what you have sowed in the pastYou will meet the benefactor that positively impact you in life
0900hrs to 1100hrs
An auspicious event is going to happen to youGood luck and fortune is coming your way
1100hrs to 1300hrs
You wil receive good news from a long distance friends or relativesRelatives and friends are visiting you
1300hrs to 1500hrs
You will receive support from noblemen in your lifeExpect visitation from someone who live far away
1500hrs to 1700hrs
You tend to worry over trival things that create self anxietyGood things will come to you and you will feel lucky
1700hrs to 1900hrs
You will lose money easily so avoid any gambling or speculationsSmooth sailing in life because everything happen as you plan
1900hrs to 2100hrs
Indulging in feasting, so take care of your healthGood luck fall upon you and you might have unexpected gains.
2100hrs to 2300hrs
Good luck and fortune fall upon you and you might have unexpected windfall.You will receive invitations to feast from friends and loved ones

Don’t simply believe blindly in this superstition because it might be a signal for you to consult your medical professional. The causes might be:

  • Any allergy
  • Insect bites
  • Ear Infection
  • Earwax Buildup
  • Underlying health issues and etc.

Do not ignore it if the symptom is persistent because it might lead to a severe health problem.



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